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Hey David, 

Thanks for helping me find a good looking, easy riding bike.

Will be sending people your way,



Hey dave thanks for all your help.

you'll be seeing me again.

your friend

R. Busch

Yo Dave, I need my title. I have been driving this dang kawasaki you sold me now for 2 weeks and I need my title!

Yo, I apprciate you giving me a great deal and everything but I keep getting pulled for this dang paper tag.

So can you ......Wait,  my father just gave me the tile it just came in the mail. LOL.

Cya Dave


T.L. Brown.

you da man

Dave, you da man!

Thanks for getting my Haybusa handled with the BANK!

I dont understand how my own bank turned down but when you went thru your bank they approved me.I am planning to take all my money out of my bank and put it where my Busa is finance!.

My Cousin and Uncle is coming to buy the other two busa you so save those bikes for them ok!?

Thanks Dave and you are still da man,lol.


Darnell Brown

out of town


Hey Dave, Brian and are are just thrilled about our Gxsr. I was suprised to know in the beginning from Brian yall delt with military people from out town and State. The 750 is running and riding fine and I just want to drop you a little note to say thank you very much!

Your friend J. Brown




Thank you so much for helping me get financed. I was kind of sceptical at first because so many other bike stores said NO or I had to have a cosigner. Everyone loves my bike and wants to ride it! lol

Thank you for time, patients and effort you and Jessica put in to help me. I will definatley let people know about you guys!

Thanks Tim Brown




Dave and Jessica i amazed you all got me finance on my Softtail!!

Thank you andI will be sending you people !

A. Amos

Dave this is the second bike I purchased from you and I will always purchase my bikes from you!

Thanks for getting me financed and I am still in awe that my own bank turned me down, you are right sometimes its not WHAT you know its WHO you know LOL.


thanks once again my friend,

Joe Liggens

Hey Dave

Just wanted to tell you I appreciate you for what you did for me, getting me financed and all.

I still think I paid a little to much for the financing part of it. I know my credit wasn't the best, but thats Ok. I am going to take your advice on keeping it for a while to establish some vehicle credit, and by then, my credit should be up to par when I'm ready to trade it in.

Dave you were easy to deal with and I can see why people trust you, because you do what you say youre gonna do, and thats get people Financed!

So thank you, and I hope to buy my next bike with you again.

-C. Bowman


Dave and Jessica y'all are the best!  Thanks for making my bike to become a reality!  I keep telling my husband to stay off of my Harley-Davidson and to stay on his Kawasaki, hee hee!

I will tell all my friends and Church and Facebook friends about your wonderful company!

Your friend for life,

Davidna. Plamer


Hey guys thank yall so much for assisting in the financing for my Harley. I was not expecting that low of a Interest rate but I will surely take it lol. I will refer others to you and again thanks a bundle!


Tm Burchett


He Dave, Floyd here!

2 things.....Thanks and and double thanks, lol.

Boy I love my Suzuki C50T. You done good by me Dave and means alot in my book!

Thanks agin, and i wil tell my peeps abou yall.


Awesome deal!!


Man Dave I wasnt even expecting to purchase a Motorcycle when I came to look at your dealership.

 I reallythank you for giving me such a great deal on the Honda Shadow!

You are the best.


Michael Scott

great guys!

Dave I will recommend people to your business, only because my tranaction was painless. In and out I pretty sure my people I will be sending you will expect the same!

 I love my Harley V-Rod


Stuart Lindgren


Dave and mike ayall are the best, thanks for working so hard to make my bike loan happen. I will definitely refer everyone to you and Main street!


thanks again,

Kyle Dickey